Chargers at Home

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There’s a couple of options/ upgrades available, here’s a brief explanation:

A standard charger is 3.6kW. As a guide this will provide 100 miles of charge in 6- 7 hours.
Upgrade to 7.2kW. Halve the charge time – to 3.5 hours.
Add Key – simple key to switch on (allows only those with the key to use it)
Timeswitch – control when the charger is working (you might want to do this to take advantage of cheap electricity rates such as Economy 7).
Meter – use this to measure how much your car charging is costing.
Tethered Cable – a standard unit comes with a Type 2 socket. A tethered cable allows you to keep your charging cable in the car for off site charging. Makes hooking up to charger quicker and more convenient.

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Installation Requirements

3.6kW £750
7.2kW £100

*Fully refundable if installation not possible for any technical reason.

All prices only apply to grant eligible customers requiring standard installation cable run under 15m fixed flush to the wall (not buried), no civil or electrical remedial works required. (all subject to survey).